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  • Founder of Leadingpharm 
    Lanzhou University, majored in organic chemistry
    China-Europe International Business School, EMBA
    Chemistry Institute of Lanzhou University, Distinguished Professor
    National Federation of Industry and Commerce Pharmaceutical Industry Chamber of Commerce, Vice President
    R&D and Service Professional Committee of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Medical Chamber of Commerce,Director
    Managing Director of Chinese Research Hospital Association
    Lanzhou University Global Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry Alumni Association
    Top 10 Cutting-edge Figures of Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry of 2020
    Professional Committee for New Drug Development of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, Vice Chairman

    Top 10 Leaders of Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry of 2021









    Wallace Tao

  • Co-founder of Leadingpharm 

    China Pharmaceutical University(B.Sc.) 

    Peking University, College of Pharmacy(M.Sc.) 
    Vice President of China Food and Corporation Quality and Safety Promotion Association

    Beijing Food and Drug Safety Enterprise Union, Director

    More than 20 years experience of R&D management and regulatory affairs

    Julie Gao

  • Co-founder of Leadingpharm 

    Osaka University  Pharmaceutical Chemistry(Ph. D) 

    Over 30 years of experience in drug research and development, production, registration, industrial transformation and business. Familiar with regulatory requirements, has unique insights into industry standards and demand directions, and excel in targeted cooperation with enterprises. Establish good trust relationships with major domestic research institutions and pharmaceutical enterprises




    Michael Liu

    Executive Vice President